Why Bother Taking Pictures If No One Will Look At Them

Why Bother Taking Pictures If No One Will Look At Them

You Make A Picture and No One Bothers To Look At It


Some people will spend a lot of time to make an image. They feel great about. They are proud of what they accomplished. There is even a great story to go along with the image. If no one bothers to check it out, is it still worth making?

You need to first figure out why you are taking or making pictures in the first place. Personally, I like to hear it when someone makes a comments that they saw or liked one of my images. I think most of us do. But is that why I make them? If I’m honest with you, Yes, that is partially why I make them. Now, if I don’t put an effort into sharing those images, I’m not going to get the compliments or critiques that I am looking for.

This bring us to how we share or images and get feedback. I’ve found that is a personal strategy. If you are out to make a buck through your images, you will probably share your images through every social media account that you have. Some will take it further and start a website or blog, maybe even apply to a stock photo agency. Others will go the fine art path and may print their work to hang in galleries, caf├ęs or restaurants.

To Share Or Not To Share


Now, checking your stats of “hits” or “views” or whatever other lingo there is now, do you continue to bother making more images if, say, no one has checked out your stuff? OF COURSE DAMN IT.

Consider first a self criticism. Are you making the efforts that you need to to show off your craft, art, images? Are your feeling shy to post to your social network? There is a choice to be made. Being a shy, introvert myself, this blog is an attempt to creep out of my shell. I share on Flickr and I’m happy with my 57 followers. I play around on Gurushots as well and I’m happy with my 33 followers. There was a time when I had other social media accounts and would share there. I since cancelled them since I got discouraged.

It Is Not Them That Count

Despite discouragement, I do still bother to make more images. Why, it’s fun and I try different things. Say this is a hobby for you, you want to explore an artistic side of yourself. Talk about it. desensitize people to your new venture. Sure, you may be producing crap images. Your audience will know that and will most likely encourage you. What it great about this tactic, is as you practice, even on them, you will get better and better. At that point, you will see that other will make a point to check out your work. If your lucky, they will bother you to take images of them.

But, is that the point? Do you make your images for them? Maybe you don’t really care. You have an interest in photography and it’s as simple as that. Why would you be reading this post then? To support me? Or you too wonder why your work is “not catching on.”

Finding Your Audience That Bother To Look

This is tough for some. There are networking methods that may work such as local or national photo clubs. Going to school for a photography course is also a good way to meet people and talk about your images while you hear from them as well. The extrovert people I think have it easy in a sense. They are comfortable to put themselves out there and make themselves known. Having a few hundred “friends” on social media also helps. I find, they tend to have all kinds of “ooooohs” and “aaahhhhs” over their images.

The quite people, the ones that may be socially awkward, with few friends is not getting the same attention. Compare their images though. There is a difference and the difference is what matters. This comes back to, why are you making images? Are they for yourself or others?

For Me or For Them

Decide who your images are for, then market them appropriately. Don’t expect anyone to come looking for your images if you don’t tell anyone you have them. Find your comfort zone, them break through the barrier to make yourself feel better. Enjoy your craft and don’t make it a reason to feel crappy about yourself.

Posted on: September 3, 2017Erik

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