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Nick Ut: Napalm Girl

Napalm Girl – A historic photo

Nick Ut's  Napalm Girl
Nick Ut’s “Napalm Girl” photo

I’ve seen this image before. I never knew the story behind it though. With a title like Napalm Girl how could you resist not knowing more?

I was finishing up Joe McNally’s book, The Moment It Clicks, in it, there was a story of Phan Thi Kim Phuc. Kim is the naked little girl. In the book, Joe talks of his current image of Kim, not of the image that made her famous. Curious, I did a little research.

NBC news did a nice story on Nick Ut, the photographer who took this image. It was interesting to hear that after he took this image, he took Kim to the hospital. I believe as a rule, photojournalists are not suppose to get “involved”. I’m glad for both Kim and Nick that he risked his job and got involved.

Napalm girl

I did not realize the impact that the image ended up having on the war in Vietnam. It just goes to show how powerful an image can be. And to think, this image was taken with your standard 35mm film camera. The ability for Nick to meter, focus and get this shot is amazing.


Developing Your Creative Vision

Do You Have Creative Vision?

What do I mean by that question first of all. I’ll first make a short story a bit long. When I was learning more about photography, there was lots of reference to creativity and having a creative eye. I had trouble with this concept as I have always had an issue with creativity.

Over time and many more references of being creative, I’ve been able to start to discover and embrace my creative side. It took me a long time to tap into it. My secret that works for me. Pick up the camera and go. No matter how tired I am or not in the mood, just do it. There have been many times when I head out the door or set up a mini-studio for product-type shots and I get nothing. Other times, I’m hooked and can’t stop.

Where’s The Inspiration?

My inspiration actually does come from viewing so many of other peoples images. Through, Flickr, Gurushots and yes, even Facebook. There are images that I see and want to try to replicate. The more I try the more inspired I get to try other things.

Sometimes I’m given a task to shoot a scene or some equipment. These are sometimes intimidating as I’m shooting for someones interest. I get as much information as possible so that I can get a clear idea and image in my head. Sometimes I nail it, others time not so. And that it OK, it forces me to explore how to can better capture the required shot.

I remember once I needed to capture an entire room and to make it interesting. After several shots and reviewing them, I experimented with different lighting only to land on light painting.

Painting With Light

The technique of painting with light is fairly straight forward. Set your ISO to 100, aperture to f/11 and a shutter speed longer than 10sec. The shutter speed will be the only variable that changes depending on how much you are “painting”. For my final image, I “painted” for about 30seconds with a large flashlight around the room. The effect was sort of an underwater feel. Unfortunately, the image wasn’t selected for the poster. It doesn’t matter as I was/am proud of that image. I felt it was creative for me.

Get To The Point

So, what’s my point? Some of you are able to “see” your image before making it, your pre-visualization. I’ve got a tough time with that concept. Maybe you are like me and you have to actually be shooting to get the creative juices flowing to land on the image(s) you at least had an idea about. Either way, the more we do the better we get at it.

Keeping doing…

As The Site Builds

Rebuilding The Site

Note that enjoy reformatting the site of Moreaugraphie, it has brought a few points to light. Especially with this new theme. An interesting new feature to me are the Callouts. Naming the 3 callouts forced me to think about what MoreauGraphie wants to communicate via this site.


Along with other interests, photography is one that is a real challenge. There are plenty of sites on the web that talk about the fundamentals, history and techniques of the art. This is on top of the countless books available. The majority of these resources have their place and value. MoreauGraphie will simply supplement what is already out there from my point of view and experience.

Creative Vision

The challenge of photography for me that no other site or book has single handily helped me is to find my creative vision. There are several books that I have enjoyed and have provided inspiration. But to be handed a theme and to go and capture that, I have a hard time. Why, I’m not sure.

Though, I have been getting so much better. I’ve put into place the practice of Action -> Motivation -> Getting Things Done. Meaning. When I have a photo project, I just start it. Even when I don’t have a definite plan or set of images that I want to create/make. The act of picking up the camera and shooting motivates and inspires me with ideas.

Don’t Be Afraid …

As the third Category of this site, I’ve included it because it has been the single great feat for me. I like the idea of portraiture and street photography. There is a confidence level that is required to 1) make the person comfortable and look awesome, 2) make a rapport with you subject(s) before, during or after you photographed them in the street. These are somewhat of my anxieties of being in front of the lens. I want to make sure I look alright. And, if I’m out on the street, I don’t like the idea of some chump photographing me just because.

Therefore, I hope to explore these topics and share experiences with you.

New Look. New Feel. New Content

All In Or Out

A Blog is only as successful as its visitors right?

So, if it wasn’t successful the first time, try again. Just as in photography, if the image didn’t come out the way you wanted it. Make it again.

In time, the site will be re-populated with new content that will hopefully be more appealing to you.

Looking forward to seeing you again.