Family Portraits

Family Portraits

Family Portraits Can Be and Stressful

I’ve had the pleasure to photography a great family, the Halle’s.

Family portrait
Family portrait

I received a link to Cole’s Classroom. The link was specifically to 5 Keys to Taking Better Family Photos.

The article focuses on Location, Light, Preparation, Lens Choice and Connection. I’ll summarize my experience while you can then check out the article for their insight.


The Halle’s asked that I do a family portrait at their home. Huge backyard with potential all over the place. We arrived by late afternoon and didn’t want the sun behind the group. Due to surrounding trees, too much dappled lighting would be distracting on a group this size. If we moved to the middle of the yard to have everyone in full sun, we would have lost all eyes. We choose a shady location that fit out needs.


Boy did I prepare. I read different articles and book excerpts on the topic of family portraits. Made sure that my wife, “Artistic Directory”/People person, was with me to help manage 26 people. And, I research different posing and styles. As this was a quick session, we kept it simple.

Len choice

Due to my limited choice of owned lenses, I stuck to my stock 18-105mm. At 43mm I could have use my 50mm instead. I’m satisfied with the results. Going with prime lens probably would have given me better contrast and sharpness. Work with what you have right.


My biggest challenge when photographing people. There have been rare moments when a sessions flowed well. Other times it felt like I just couldn’t get both my subject and myself comfortable. This comes down to confidence of my own photography and skills. With the Halle’s, I was happy to know the majority of the family. My wife was instrumental is getting all of their attention and focus. They say that a photography business is 80% people and 20% photographing.

Keeping these five points in mind will kick start you to challenging yourself for family and group photography. Most of all, as I’m sure you’ve heard before for photography or anything else in life, be yourself and have fun.

Posted on: August 20, 2017Erik

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